SATIVA feminized seeds

Garden of Green's feminized sativa line offers awe-inspiring genetics in a tiny package. Each sativa strain carries the feminized trait, which means you'll never find a male in your garden. Sativa cannabis seeds open the door to unstoppable energy, focus, and creativity. Whether you need to bump up your socializing skills or get past a severe case of writer's block — sativa genetics is precisely what the doctor prescribed.

Our finest sativa cannabis strains!

At Garden of Green, we've sourced feminized sativa seeds that feature a truckload of features that you'll go head-over-heels for. Indulge your sweet tooth with the help of an abundance of tropical terpenes that'll transport your mind and body to a faraway paradise. Lastly, if massive-yields and shocking levels of potency excite you, Garden of Green's sativa line is right for you.

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